• Features
Synchronization and Teacher Control
Helps the teacher and students use the devices in the classrooms with complete interactivity and zero distractions.
Helps gauge the understanding of the students/audience through an electronic hand raise without interrupting the session.
Exams, Quizzes & Auto Evaluation
Examination module to conduct an in classroom quiz or exam to gauge the conceptual understanding of students. Instant automatic evaluation of tests conducted.

With support for all popular formats. Highlights, dictionary, bookmarks, notes, search features, easy page navigation.
Smart Beam
Can detect Wi-Fi projection and multimedia capabilities and project wirelessly.
Automatic Attendance Capture
Captures the attendance without wasting any valuable class time. Link to communication features and analytics.

Helps to meet the communication needs between teacher, students and parents.

Content Dissemination
Students and faculties can create, pull and push a variety of textual, multimedia and interactive content with a few clicks.
Helps students and staff stay up to date with the latest events, exam dates and holidays without standing in a queue near the notice board.

News Ticker
Latest Local, National and International news along with important announcements from the institute is now at your fingertips.
Global Knowledge Sharing Platform
Assignment Management

Real Time Communication